Thursday, May 19, 2011

Imptus- Norse Irish vs Pre Fuedal Scots

I ran a 400 pts per side game for some our our DBA guys last night. Game was a draw due to running out of time but was perched precariously.

400 pts of Norse Irish + Vikings in 2 commands. Approximately
  • 2x Nobles
  • 6x Bonnacts
  • 2x highlanders
  • 2x Kerns
Viking allies
  • 2x veteran vikings
  • 5x regular
  • 1x skirmishers
  • 2x CM
  • 1x CL
  • 8 x FL infantry
  • 4x Thanes
  • 4x skirmishers
  • 8x Galwegians (in a separate command)
The Scots were based on a list on the Impetus forums.

Alas time ran out as the game was just getting interesting. The vikings were making progress on our left flank but the Thanes had just got into combat and driven back the highlanders and Irish Nobles and were threatening to break through the Irish centre. Meanwhile our right flank was gaining the upper hand vs the Bonnacts so it really could have swung either way.

The guys seemed to enjoy it and 400 pts per side definitely looked impressive!



  1. Nice battle report Craig (as usual).

    I really like the look of that Irish list, the Bonnachts look really fun to use!

    400pts looks like thats were its at. I really should get my butt into gear and finish my Romans, and then start the Normans!

  2. It ran a bit slower than normal due to Kent not being there and me introducing 4 other players- who all seemed to enjoy it.

    I really have to work on upgrading my terrain and will get onto it soon

    At 400 pts these forces are both quite large and made for a fun game.

    My Westwind and GB orders arrived yesterday Huns/Alans/Visigoths here we come...

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