Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scots & Welsh

Last night I painted up some Crusader Minis Scottish Cavalry which will be used in both my Pre-Feudal Scots and Welsh armies.

Tonight's job was to rebase 8 stands of Dark Ages Skirmishers for various armies- they are a mixture of Gripping Beast and Crusader miniatures from various ranges (Crusaders- Irish & Scots; GB Vikings & Saxons) and will be used for a variety of forces. After seeing Jason and Jamie's 4cm deep bases for skirmishers I decided I liked that look better than the 5cm deep I was using as it gave a nice point of difference to the deeper bases for light and heavy foot and so tonight I got round to prising the figures off their bases, replacing their spears with metal Northstar ones and redoing the bases. A bit of a pain and wasted evening in some ways but they are done now so no longer on the to do list- although I still have a few bases worth to do I'm sure.

Next Projects
In the past few days I've ordered the miniatures for my Alan/Huns army- the light cavalry with be a mix of Gripping beast Early Saxons and Hun ranges, the foot are coming from Westwind Productions (Saxons) and the heavier cavalry (which will be 4 figures per base) are going to be the Westwind Arthurian Cavalry but with Saxon heads to give them a Visigothic look- I think they should look the part. The heavier cav will probably will double duty as a Sub Roman British army as well.

So it looks like the Syrians are on hold for the next wee while and I paint up some Dark Ages figures- I've the infantry for my Welsh army to complete next.



  1. Cool figures, love the shields on the Scots/Welsh!!

  2. I wish I could claim credit but alas LBMS has to-fantastic transfers and far beyond what I could ever paint.

    I hope to run a small 300 pt per side demo game at the club Fre-Feudal Scots vs Vikings tonight