Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welsh completed

Bases completed, just in time to be press ganged into service as part of my Pre-Feudal Scots vs Norse-Irish (400pts per side) game down at the club tomorrow night.

It took most of the night to base them- my new system taking a bit longer. Here is how I do it:
  1. Base the figures and superglue a stone from the driveway (or some barkchip- both work equally as well)
  2. Cover the base in a layer of PVA then sprinkle on some cat litter then dip in my mix of beach sand and a bit of fine cat litter. One covered add a bit more PVA in patches and then repeat the dipping in sand (makes the base less flat and more contoured- I like the look this extra step gives- and saves needing to use a base of permafilla before covering the base in sand).
  3. Sit bases in front of the fire for an hour or so (the joys of winter) to dry.
  4. Cover base in another layer of PVA- this time a mixture of 75% PVA about 25% water with a drop of dishwash detergent so the PVA sinks into the sand on the base (this step bonds the sand and PVA and creates a layer of PVA over the whole base and makes painting much, much easier)
  5. Again leave in front of the fire to dry.
  6. Undercoat black.
  7. Once paint is dry drybrush with dark brown then a light brown.
  8. Paint bigger rocks dark grey and highlight with a light grey (all basing paints are cheap test pots from the local DIY store)
  9. Add static grass, some clumps of Silflor autumn foliage and some Woodlands Scenics clump foliage.

It takes a while but I like the end result



  1. Looking great Craig.

    Where did you get your Impetus rules from? as I am keen to try and get Nick up here in Wellington to play this game, the basic version has been heaps of fun

  2. Hi Prinny

    I bought then directly from the Impetus website.

    The full rules add a lot of depth to the rules so well worth the upgrade