Thursday, June 27, 2019

Arrggghhhh too many projects!

Okay, so I’m only slowly working though the lead and plastic pile, trying to work on
  • Vikings
  • Anglo-Danes
  • Gondor
  • Easterlings
  • Dwarves

Today some more reinforcements arrived from Northstar- another box each of Fireforge Medieval Russians, Oathmark Heavy Dwarf infantry, the new Victrix Vikings and some metal Crusader Norman infantry with axes (to be part of my Gondor army). So I really do need to start focusing on one or two projects rather than all at once!

Technically, though they all part of two projects- Operation Middle Earth and my ongoing 1066 project.

So what do I have on the go/am I trying to finish:

·         Finish 12x Heavy Cav (using the Gripping  Beast Goth cavalry). I have them made up and started painting them last night.
·         Heavy infantry- add 1 regiment each of Spears and hand weapon armed warriors for Kings of War using the newly arrived Fireforge Medieval Russians.

·         These have just arrived but they look lovely and can’t wait to get them on the table- 60x Victrix Vikings to add to the mix of my Viking forces- I think I need to do a couple of test bases…just because!

·         Finish off my danes axe armed unit(s) from Footsore/Gripping Beast/ Warlord Games which will be used as my Housecarls.

·         1x regiment of axe armed infantry using the Crusader Normans to add to my force to act as more elite infantry.

·         Complete a regiment of hand weapon and shield armed dwarves and also 2x stands of two handed weapon armed dwarves using the Oathmrk figures to give me three regiments in Kings of War or 6 units in Dragon Rampant

Anglo Danes
·         On the back burner just now but stll need another 2+ regiments (in kings of War terms)
Goblins Warg Riders
I bought some Goblin warg riders from

Other projects
·         Continue rebasing my figures- I’ve decided my cavalry bases are slightly to long and want to shorten them so need to rebase some stands.
·         Make some movement trays for the new units for use with Kings of War regiments.
     Finally, some shots of the new Victrix Viking sprues- the figures look damn nice and there are plenty of options!


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