Monday, June 24, 2019

New storage shed

With selling our house and downsizing I needed somewhere to store my terrain and gaming stuff. I've slowly started moving my gaming gear down to my bach but there too I am short of space as there is no garage or outdoor storage to speak of- and I've no spare room inside. To solve this problem I  bought a wooden kitset shed to keep my terrain and bits and pieces. The only problem is I needed to pick it up from near Oxford in North Canterbury (a 320km round trip and and then take it down to the bach, another 100km or so from home).

 The location is a tad challenging, my bach is down a steep hill and there wasn't much in the way of access to the only spot where the 3m by 3m shed would fit. We have a bit of a car parking area up the hill above where I wanted to put it  and the only way to the site was down a steep bank so we had to do a bit of clearing of shrubs to give us better access. 

The shed came as a flat pack which easily fitted onto my trailer and was ready to assemble.

The only spot I had for it was on one of my outdoor decks at the back of the bach and had no easy access down to it. 

Man (or in this case woman) handling the walls down the slope. My wife was press ganged into helping.

The walls go up- it has a sort of bunker look to it.
 Putting the roof on.
 The view from above.

Only the doors to go.

Completed- and I still have a wee bit of my deck to enjoy the late afternoon sun :)

And the view from inside over the countryside out towards the Southern Alps.

Putting my feet up after finishing.

Next stage to get all my terrain etc down to the bach :)


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