Sunday, July 7, 2019

Victrix Vikings and Easterlings of Middle Earth

I've been chipping away at my projects when I find time. Ive complted 4 units (32 figures) using the new Victrix Vikings. They don't disappoint. I'd seena  fw people commenting on the way they have done the chain mail on the figures but really t is a non issue once painted, and before that too really.

The figures have fantastic detail, lots of options and are now my go to source for rank and file vikings.

My horde is a mix of the new Victrix plastics, Gripping  Beast Plastics and metals and a few assorted odds and sods such as Artizan. Size wise the Victrix are a bit taller than the Gripping  Beast plastics. I've a unit of huscarls to finish and that is going to be a mixture of Footsore and Victrix models. The Victrix are noticeably taller and bulkier than the Footsore but don't think it will too much of an issue. I intend to bulk up the bases of the footsore so it isn't too noticeable.

I've still got some basing to go. You may also notice that I've been busy making myself movement trays for the troops- out of cardboard and balsa.

I've also added another regiment of spearmen to my Easterlings Middle Earth forces- these are Fireforge plastic medieval Russians with Gripping Beast Tumerid shields. 


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