Saturday, June 1, 2019

WIP FoW D Day Anniversary Game

Next week is the 75th anniversary of the D Day landings. To commemorate this event my friend Andy Tucker has been organising a multiplayer game of Flames of War in Christchurch. It has been about 3 years since I last played Flames, my last games being at Panzershrek (2016?) with Poochie and with the recent move all my gaming gear is packed away in a small storage shed till I get things organised at my bach to store my gaming collection.

I have really been out of the loop with regards to gaming over the past couple of years or so and not really done much apart from the occasional game vs Kent. With going overseas for a year to volunteer, returning and separating from my wife, moving, selling our house and helping my wife move things have been a tad, how shall we say, non-conducive to gaming.

Anyhow, long short short I told Andy a few months back that I could play in this game then with everything else going on promptly forgot about it. Last week Andy got in contact to see if I was still ken and initially I wasn't going to play but in the end thought, bugger it; its been a long while since I caught up with the Christchurch gamers and am now quite looking forward to the event.

I told Andy I'd run some commandos so have been fossicking around through my stuff and have managed to locate everything I need as well as some landing craft and DD tanks so have a bit of work to do over the next few nights to get everything organised.


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