Saturday, July 7, 2018

Dragon Rampant- Bugbears vs Goblins

I've been working on my bugbear force for Dragon Rampant, made from Reaper Bones Bugbears & Gnolls, a couple of Reaper Bones Ettins and some warg riders.

  • Bugbear General
  • 2x bugbears (Bellicose foot)
  • 1x ettin
  • 2x gnoll scouts
  • 2x warg riders

Mike ran his GW goblins- smelly, horrible cartoony things but still a very fun and flavourful force. Mike went for a theme of cowardly goblins and it made for a rather large army...

  • 1x Orc Shaman (Spellcaster) + Savage Orc Boyz (Heavy Foot)
  • 4x Night Goblins (Fearful Light Foot)
  • 1x Stone Trolls (Lesser Warbeasts)
  • 3x Squigs & Night Goblin Squig Riders (Fearful Bellicose Foot)
  • 2x Night Goblin Doom Diver Catapult (Fearful Heavy Missiles)
  • 1x Silver Golem (aka an unpainted Giant- Greater Warbeast)

We allowed a reroll of 1x failed courage test per turn to units within 12" of the general and this seemed to work well. 

I was a fun game, early on things swung too and fro but in the end sheer weight of goblin number told and the bugbear army was skewered, their general falling ingloriously to s horde of fearful goblins in the final turn to end the rout/massacre, a fitting end to his lss than stellar performance. 

The goblin shaman was pretty damn handy, keeping the giant alive by restoring wounds- might need to invest in one of those myself

A few pictures of the game

The nameless bugbear general giving a pep talk to his troops- Go over there and bash em!

 Turn 1, let battle commence....
 Warg riders advance on the flank.
 Only to meet some rather bellicose squig hoppers that eventually ended the less than illustrious career of my warg riders- Warhammer 2, Lord of the Rings 0.
 The trolls move forward- is that giant painted?
 The trolls duke it out with the bellicose bugbears while the second unit of bugbears looks on.
 Retreat! Run away! The second unit of bugbears starts moving towards my rather lackluster centre.
 If at first you don't succeed...
 The end is nigh for the warg riders- failure to evade= one dead unit in about 20 seconds time.
 An unpainted miniature? Surely not! The offending beast has been appropriately airbrushed out of existence as is a rather silvery sheened doom diver:).
 My general bashes the giant but fails to kill it, then that dastardly shaman heals him! Sneaky, very sneaky! In the foreground only Bert, out of Bert and Ernie the Ettin brothers, survives.
 The inglorious end to the bugbear general, none will remember him in future as he was cut down by goblins! The shame, the shame!

Thoughts on the game:

As with the previous game it ran well, gave us a chance to try some new armies on table. Mike's force was very flavourful Warhammer night goblin force I look forward to seeing the last bits and pieces painted and on table. 

DR does give for a fun, light hearted game and look forward to trying it a bit more in future.

Note I really aren't a fan of unpainted minis but as this was a bit of a playtest game then accepted them, but hope for the next clash they will be finished :)

Possible Changes? Maybe fearful is too good for the points, we may consider toning it down to only -1 pt per unit rather than the -2 points, it made his goblin force as cheap as bloody chips!


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