Monday, July 9, 2018

Bugbears for Dragon Rampant

A few reinforcements for my Bugbear force for Dragon Rampant. Having been on the receiving end of Mike's wizard I decided I needed to add a spellcaster to the bugbear force. To do this I converted a Reaper Bones Gnoll shaman by hacking of his head and replacing it with one from a bugbear, a bit of green stuff and all done.

And his bodyguards. There is a lack of poses in the Reaper Bones Bugbear range so did a quick conversion to make some spear armed bugbears. The spears were made from tooth picks and some old GW skeleton spears. I'm planning on using the shaman and his bodyguards as a wizardling and his heavy foot bodyguards in Dragon Rampant terms.


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