Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bolt Action- The Free French

I've been busy trying to get my Free French done for Wednesday's game vs Kent. Some highlights etc still to go but got them up to a good table top standard.

We intend to run 1200 pts so I need to run two commands to be able to field it.

1st Platoon
  • Reg HQ
  • 2x Reg squads (SMG, BAR, 6x rifles) 
  • 1x 81mm motar & observer
  • Jeep
  • Greyhound armoured car 
  • M 16 AA half track

2nd Platoon
  • 1x Reg HQ (Goumiers)
  • 2x Vet (Goumier) squads (SMG, BAR, 6x rifles) 
  • 1x Reg Bazooka team
  • 1x M10 Tank Destroyer 

This afternoon I painted up the jeep, M10  and highlighted the Greyhound armoured car.

The camo nets are made out of the packing foam that came with the Artizan figures- superglued onto the M10 and then more super glue all over to harden the foam. I've got to get some Free French decals to finish them off.

 The force assembled.
 The new Artizan US infantry in great coats which will be regular Free French infantry.
 2nd Squad.
 1st Goumier Squad (vet tough fighters)
 2nd Goumier Squad (vet tough fighters)
 Bazooka team
 Regular officer and NCO- again Artizan Design figures.
Goumier officer and NCO.

I'm looking forward to getting this force on the table.



  1. Very nice work on these guys Craig! I hope the big push pays off on Wednesday night!

  2. Great looking army, love the infantry...

  3. Great looking force, Craig. I like the use of the M10 and the M8.

  4. Thanks guys.The M10 got a hurried call up for duty (and paint job) yesterday as my Rubicon Sherman still hasn't appeared- still stuck on a liberty ship somewhere?

    I really want this force to be themed round the battles of Cassino, where the "French" troops (including plenty Algerians and Moroccans) finally made the breakthrough of the Gustav line and began outflanking it, finally unhinging the defence after months of stalemate. With the US helmsets, M10 and Greyhound it is more suitable for the battles of Alsace and Lorraine force.

    I still intend to convert a few figures to wearing the Adrian helmet at some point (need to get some WWI French heads from Gripping beast for that little project).