Monday, December 8, 2014

Rubicon 28mm Sherman

Today my 28mm M4A3 Sherman from Rubicon Moels arrived. What can I say, its a very nice kit. EIt was easy to assemble, I put the model together within 20 minutes. The instructions are clear and easy to follow; the mold is crisp and well detailed. It really is a beautiful model and I can't recommend it highly enough.

I made mine as a 105mm howitzer version but the barrel can be swapped out to make it a standard 75mm M4A3 as well. It also comes with the turret to make the 76mm version. Apparently the model is designed to be made into one or the other but I think it should be simple enough to make the 76mm version and get thrice the options out of the one kit.  It will be used to support my Free French and US paratroop forces.

After about 20 minutes it is finished and ready to be undercoated.

Another hour or so of work and it is ready for the table.

A comparison with the Warlord Games M10- the M10 is a fraction longer but they don't look out of place on the same table.

I will definitely be getting more Rubicon models, they are very, very nice.



  1. Lovely model! You completed it so fast, well done.

  2. Cheers guys,

    They are very nice models Rodger, I will definitely get more.

    It still needs stowage added but I needed it for this weeks game and am busy tonight so wanted to make sure it was table ready. Having a paint before you play and no unpainted minis on the table policy when it comes to gaming motivates me to get lick of paint on- even if only block paint, wash and drybrush highlight.