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Day of Days 2014: The Breakout from Normandy

Day of Days 2014

The Breakout from Normandy
Late War Doubles event

Timaru February 22nd-23rd 2014

July 1944. The Allies have been fighting through the bocage country of Normandy for six weeks taking heavy losses but inflicting irreplaceable losses on the German Panzer Group West and the Seventh Army. By mid July St Lo had been captured and Bradley and Montgomery’s forces were ready to breakout of the Normandy lodgement.  Two new armies, the First Canadian and Patton’s Third were in Normandy and the breakout battles were about to begin…

The aim this time is to focus on the fighting from Operation Cobra to the closing of the Falaise Pocket.  All forces must be suitable for this time frame. 

2x 1100 pt forces  Each company must be of a different type (eg armour/infantry, armour/mech)
Both companies should be from the same division 
Only two divisional support (columns 3 and 4) choices per team. 
Up to 50 pts can be swapped between the team.
   Only one player per team can take air support (this does not count as a divisional support choice).

There will be  four 3 1/2 hr long games (2 per day) and they will be played on 6x5 tables. 
Once again there will be prizes for the best table and best objective marker (Dave D is the man to beat for this one)

As with all Day of Days the focus is on having fun and commemorating an important battle  or campaign from World War Two. The aim is to roll some dice, have a few laughs and chill out. Sure players want to win games but the aim is having  fun and  not to be ultra competitive dickheads!

As with all such events there are limited places. I have room for 28 players and already have had 26 book a spot so if keen get in ASAP.
contact me on: courham at slingshot dot co dot nz  

Look forward to seeing you in Timmers.


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