Thursday, October 24, 2013

FoW Late War- Motostrelkovy vs Panzer Lehr

Dale popped over to test out my army- we rolled for the mission and came up with Counterattack which I must admit to not really having played. I decided to attack, simply because I wanted/needed a bit of practice attacking.

Dale ran his old favourites: Panzer Lehr with 3x ambushing 88s!

            Panzer Lehr Armoured PGs         
            HQ + Fausts  85
3x        PG Squads + P/F     290
3x        PG Squads + P/F     290
3x        88s + extra crews     275
4x        Jagdpanzers 380
3x        Hummels       315
3x        250 armoured cars   115

Still not happy with my force but we will see how it fared.
            HQ      30
8x        Motostrelkovy (SMG)           130
15x      Motostrelkovy (SMG)           240
7x        T34/85s          500
4x        ISU 100          310
4x        SU 122           170
4x        Zis 2   160
6x        Heavy Mortars          130
3x        BA 64 80

Dale deployed a PG platoons without transports and his jagdpanzers with the 88s in ambush
 As you can see my troops were a tad cramped but there was a nice ridge overlooking the village to deploy my Zis 2s and SU 100s- we created the table before rolling for mission.
 Turn 1- my infantry advances.
 Those buildings hide a full pg platoon.
 The jagdpanzers go to ground.
 My M10s follow up my infantry who have cleared the wood of enemy (apparently)
 Hummels arrive from reserve and double time into position in the far corner- Dale has raced his 2nd infantry platoon to dig in on the far objective.
 My two infantry platoons prepare to assault the village.
 The M16s have been doing bugger all so move out to offer support.
 My T34s are hunting hummels but bag a 250 armoured car.
 The hummels range in on my small infantry platoon pinning them. I have captured the closest building- but not for long!
 The T34s try to figure out how to deal with an infantry platoon with 3x shreks!
 Meanwhile Dale counter attacks and destroys my small infantry platoon.
My platoon is destroyed for the loss of 1 PG stand!
 The Germans mae sure there are no survivors lurking in the buildings.
 Meanwhile my big company charges the now undefended objective!
 Not to be outdone Dale's 'shreks go T34 hunting!
 Two bailed T34s before the Germans are driven off by defensive fire.
 Next turn though the remaining T34s are bailed or bogged! A slightly rash attempt to drive off the Germans that was an epic fail! The T34s are ten destroyed by the infantry.
 Hee hee, they don't now we are here. The game is ours...or is it?
 An M10 has snotted a japdpanzer.
 What the hell? I thought you said those woods were clear? After my infantry vacate Dale ambushes my gun line and the 88s command stand manages to contest and keep the game alive. Grrrr!!!!!! The 88s killed 2x Zis 2s but in my turn the 88s were destroyed. They had done their job though as it gave Dale time to get more troops to contest.
 Dale launches yet another assault with his panzer grenadiers.
 Here they come!
 knock knock. Anyone home?
 Fierce house fighting ensues.
 In the end Dale is left with 1 team (his company commander who stayed on board) while my battalion commander, kommissar and two remaining infantry stands threw in the towel at the end of the assault phase despite numerous attempts to rally!
 Things are looking iffy so its time to send in the SU 100s
 From here it became a game of cat and mouse between hummels and M16s but in the end Dale took out my M10s, Zis 2s and M16s to win. A very close and brutal game. 

I came away wishing I had the SU 122s to dig out those pesky infantry.

4-3 to Dale.

Great game lots of fun. We really do need to get back into more FoW!


  1. Wow, action packed game. Dale showed some nerve holding that ambush so long. Panzer Lehr PGs are good; 'big' platoons for ConVet Germans that pack a punch with integral AT too!

  2. I think it was about 8 turns! For a few turns it as mainly due to having nowhere he could deploy them- till I forgot about his sneakiness :)

  3. Great looking game :)

    And I see the soviets got a boost with the new updates on the fow website, so hopefully we will see more of them :)


  4. This was a very tense game. Panzer Lehr got themselves into a pickly by digging into a village covered by Soviet infested hills. They couldn't move an inch with out SU-100, Zis 2's, and 120mm Mortars raining down one them. Things got even worse when it was realized that the Zis 2's were now volley firing into village and 2 large infantry groups were flanking it. Without the two desperate assaults by the single PG Platoon holding the village the game would have been lost. The last of which was fought to the last man with the Russians packing it in despite political rantings from the Komissar......

    A game to remember....remind me not to choose to defend the quarter with a village in it just cause there is one.