Friday, October 18, 2013

Dwarven Forge kickstarter arrives

The first part of my Dwarven Forge kickstarter arrived today- just in time for this week's game of Castle's & Crusades :)

I have a few days painting ahead of me...

As you can see there are a few more boxes to open- and I've the same ordered again so maybe I ordered too much! 

It should look great painted up!


  1. They look amazing Craig, your players are very lucky. How are you running C&C game, is it based on a big dungeon?

  2. No, a sand box campaign set in Greyhawk combining some old school AD&D modules, the Pathfinder Rise of the Rune Lords & some old Dungeon Mag adventures. The party have just escaped from the Dungeons of the Slave Lords and are heading towards the Pathfinder Hook Mountain Massacre adventure.

  3. Assume! You make me want to break out my terrain. I am fixing to make a set of 2 sets 12' long cliff walls to represent inner mountain walls, and I plan to use them with my dungeon terrain. I plan on making like a trench and then filling it with the dwarven forge terrain and have underground dwarf wars with orcs!!!

  4. Looking good, Hope you enjoy!

    Stefan Pokorny

    1. I'm sure we will Stefan. It is a great concept you came up with!