Monday, November 4, 2013

Next up?

Some more FoW. A few ideas for Day of Days. I've been working on a few bits and pieces.

Option 1: (My preferred option)  US Armoured Recon built round HQ and 2x troops of Greyhounds. I've the HQ hounds still to arrive.

If I need to go Germans I want something simple and easy to run.

 A Tiger company of 5x Tiger 1s. Can't get fewer models than that!

Option 3: a Lehr panzrspah built round 10x pumas. Bob has said 22 fit into the 1100 pts, but 10 is more than enough for me.

At this stage I am on the Allied side of the ledger but that could change.

Thanks to Robert at Conquest I am also keen to get some Landmattesses (the models are so cool)
 to run a Canadian Rifle Company at Valleycon in January (at this stage I am planning on going).

Hopefully Wednesday night we will get a game of Bolt Action set in Burma in 1942. 


  1. 22! good one Bob! I dare you... ;) *shrug* I'm Axis lol
    I'm sure someone will bring a Churchill company just to balance things out!
    22 Pumas and 5 Tigers sounds like a walk in the park... just sayn

  2. 10 panzer IVs or 5 tiggers are on my list of possible German armoured companies.

    However, all going well, I'll be US armoured recon supporting a company of US tanks. Plenty of time though so we will see.

    Would be interesting to see a Churchill company- the 6th Guards that got ambushed by Jagdpanthers maybe?