Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Operation Gaming Room- 2

I've been a bit slack over the past couple of weeks, all I've managed to paint is a couple of command stands for ACW and a single stand of confedearate infantry rather than the two regiments- 6 stands) originally intended. I've just run out of steam at present and no projects have grabbed my attention and I'e been a bit busy with a new role at work o have been getting my head round that and beeen a bit in chill out mode in the evenings.

We did manage a board game at the club last week though, Spartacus, which was very enjoyable. I even managed to come from last place to pip the others at the post in the final round to steal victory. The game is pretty straight forward but has a nice level of depth to it and plenty of opportunity to screw over other players. I will definitely play it again and am keen to get myself a couple of gladiator figures for the arena.

 A bit more progress on the flooring in the games room today. It is now ready for the concrete to be poured. The area to the left had the existing concrete broken up so that the floor won't be too high- there is only about 2.2m of clearance so want to keep the ceiling reasonably high if we can.

Yesterday the windows were measured up so hopefully now we will start to make some progress.

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