Thursday, March 7, 2013

ACW- Kents Revenge

Another ACW battle last night, each of us had 12 battalions, a couple of artillery an some cavalry.

The Confederates deploy.
 An Kent's Yankees.

My right advances but my centre and left stalls early. 

 Kent advances to take advantage of the confusion.
 And sweeps over the hill on my far left.
 His cavalry prance around  bit them blunder and run away for a few turns.
 His centre battalions continues to make headway.
 My own centre continues to be ahem, "slightly disorganised."
 Kent's brigade sweeps down the hillside and into my "veteran" brigade.
 On my right though I continue to cause casualties and Kent's brigade is in trouble.
 My skirmishers manage to hold up a regiment.
 The centre and left still loos a bit fragile.
 Finally my left flank caves in, but so does Kent's. It is a race now to crush another brigade an snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
 On the right my troops have defeated a brigade but it is not enough. Kent overwhelms my centre and takes the victory.
 Another very enjoyable game Kent. I look forward too the rematch.


  1. Great photos of another great game guys. Terrain looks really good for ACW too!

  2. We are getting there Roger- more hedges needed and a couple more battalions for me

  3. Great pics, really enjoy these quick reports you put up. Keep them coming

    1. Thanks Vlad, i try to just let the pictures do the talking and not get too involve in the details unless something really interesting occurs.

  4. Great stuff guys, makes me want to get the rest of my Perry figs done...

  5. Me too Scott. I have plenty of them to paint, just low of motivation to paint at present.