Friday, January 11, 2013

Stalingrad Buildings- continued

Been a bit busy the past week or so but got a wee bit more done on the buildings. I've just found some suitable images for flooring and printed them out. 

I've to add a second storey to them as well- I will only have 2 stories for ease of play. I'm not going to bother putting any rubble on the floors again mainly from a playability point of view.


 Battlefront have also been having a sale so I picked up a few bits and pieces- including 2 of the desert wrecks sets and some desert sandbags (5 sets) to use as dug in markers. I also picked up some more landing craft and really should get my A into G and get them painted up and do a D-Day  landing game at some point. Too many project son the go I'm afraid.


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  1. Really like what you have done with the buildings Craig. I agree about the rubble too.