Sunday, January 13, 2013

More Gauls

Kent wants a match with his Carthaginians vs the Galatians/Gauls/Celts on Wednesday evening, this time with 400 pts. Most of my Celts became Early Germans last year so I am in need of reinforcements.

I haven't been 100% happy with the look my large warband units so decided to change the basing slightly. Rather than 2x 6cm deep bases the rear rank is now going to be 4cm deep and have 4 figures on them. I toyed with the idea of only 3 figures so they could do double duty as extra skirmisher stands but the rear rank looked a bit sparse for a large warband, so last night I painted up 4 stands to test this idea out (which I borrowed from the Imptvs forums and the Of Metal and Men blog) and I'm quite happy with the results.

The new rear unit stands- each is 8cm x 4cm.

 Large Warband unit.
 Germanic Warband..

 So I've figured out a 400 pt army for vs Kent:

 Command A: Fair Commander
2x FL Elite Warriors large (Gen)
2x CGL Chariots
2x FL  Warriors
2 x S Young Warriors (Javelins)

Command B: Fair Commander
2x FL Elite Warriors large (Gen)
2x FL  Warriors
2x S Archers (shortbow B)

Command C: (Fair Commander)
4x Medium Cavalry

Only the front rank in the large warband are elite, the back rank are regular warband.

It should be fun, I think Kent is adding some Gallic allies to his list (and hopefully another elephant).



  1. I think having the thiner base for the rear rank is a great idea. Looks great to be honest.

  2. Looking great Craig the rear unit looks perfect can't wait to rip them apart or is that be ripped apart by them

  3. Thanks Kent, I'm really looking forward to the rematch. I have a couple more stands of infantry to do tonight.


  4. They look awesome. Makes me want to paint some.