Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dux Bellorum- Riders of Rohan!

I sorted out my Rohan force and found that I lacked "noble riders." However, when I originally painted up the Rohan guys to or three years ago I decided to do one unit of riders in green cloaks, the other in red cloak. Until I get some Westwind Arthurian's painted up the Red Cloaks will be used as my noble Rohan.

I had to base up one unit of noble riders but also have added static grass to the bases of my Rohan army (they had woodlands scenic flock) and done the same to Boris and his beastmen.

So I am now ready to test Dux Bellorum- War of the Ring.

Here is the Army of Rohan (32pts) based on the Romano-British list.
 1x        Mounted Companions

1x         Noble Riders
4x         Ordinary Riders
2x         Ordinary Shieldwall
1x         Foot Bow
1x        Foot Skirmishers

The heavy hitters- the Riders if Rohan. The plan is to run them as two battlegroups each of the commander and his retinue of 2 ordinary units of Cavalry to maximise the bravery of the nobles and the Dux Bellorum himself. 

The levy of Rohan (infantry). The stalwart defenders of the  Hearth.And yes that is a Saxon skirmisher lending them a hand. 

 I'm looking forward to seeing how the rules play out.



  1. Very very nice work Craig. The basing is amazing!

  2. Looking forward to hearing about this new rule set

    1. It looks very, very interesting. I am hoping it is a bit like DBA (i.e nice and fast) but with a bit more tactical thinking due to the LP mechanism. We will see how Finn (and Boris the Beastman) like it tomorrow evening hopefully.