Sunday, December 9, 2012

One of those days...

Yesterday I popped into the local Briscoes store looking for something to use as a gaming cloth for Day of Days. They had some polarfleece blankets (220cm x 160cm or slightly over 6ft x 5 ft) on sale, 40% off which will be perfect so I grabbed a couple (worked out less than $18 for a table).

So today I dug out my winter terrain and decided it needed a bit of work. So I potted about cutting out MDF, plastering, painting and once dry then adding woodlands scenic snow to make some new terrain pieces. I also added woodlands scenic snow to the cossack bases and am much happier with the look- though the camera probably doesn't pick it up well.

So I managed to make:
4x woods templates- which the trees sit on top of.

4x snow drifts
10x fences
I also made 9x bases out of MDF  and rebased some pine tree bases (and added snow to the trees)

This evening I also based up (or rebased in some cases) some Atlas HO fences I'd had lying round for a number of years and had not got round to using- linear terrain is in my opinion one of the most important, yet so often overlooked, terrain features. I am often astounded by the number of tables I see where building sit out in the middle of nowhere without a wall, hedge or fence to be seen.

So all up not a bad days work.

 As you can see I also added snow to the silflor grasses- there has been a recent snow fall.

 A snow drift in the foreground and woods template behind.
 It was a bit of a mission to find these building but eventually I tracked them down- they are from Peter Pig.
 The cornfield shouldn't be there- unless it was an unseasonally early snow fall :) The table is 6ft x 5ft which is the size we'll be using for Day of Days.

Urrah!  The ruined building in the foreground is one I made out of balsa over a decade ago- it has lasted pretty well.The roads were made out of felt covered in No More Gaps and painted several years ago. An easy, cheap and flexible way to make roads (if a bit messy as the No More Gaps doesn't spread that easily).

One of the projects I want to do soon is make some bases for the buildings with walls and/or hedges etc already on them so I simply place the building on the base, and do both summer and snow versions. And another snow table with several balkas on it for out on the steppes...



  1. Very beautiful terrain! I love the photo of the cavalry crossing the road.

    1. Thanks Doer-chele. I like that shot too, looks suitably bleak and wintery.

  2. Love the snow effects Craig. It all works really well.

    1. Yes, now i just need to mass produce a lot more trees for the Bulge theme at Warclouds :)

      The polarfleece works well too as it has abit of texture to it.