Friday, December 7, 2012

Day of Days 2013- Mixed tankovy

Last night I used "the Poochie method" to improve the white wash on my Winter Camo Mixed tankovy Battalion. Poochie's system is to use the packing foam from BF models to dab the white wash onto the vehicles. The end result is pretty good.

This is one of the forces Ian and I are planning to run at Day of Days: Conscript Mixed Tankovy.

The army assembled: 1100pts on the nose.

 6x T34/76 (early models)
 8x T60s
 4x KV 1E- the beasts!
 3x BA 64- which are now safely packed with the rest of the army so no more leaving them at home!
I've decided that I want to match the winter theme with my own cossack force, so I am either going to rebase part of my Cossack company or (much more likely) paint up another couple of platoons of mounted cossacks for the job.

Tonight I intend to rebase the 45mm AT guns and our "artillery" - 4x 76mm infantry guns on winter bases. I'd like to squeeze in a platoon of 82mm mortars instead of the infantry guns but just can't find the points.



  1. They have come up really well :)

    Have you thought about using the "Poochie method" again with some of your original base coat green for the high traffic areas around the turret, engine deck etc?


    1. Yes, but its a step to far :)I've gone for its snowing in the battle look at this stage, might do an experiment in future but am now trying to get the cossacks battle ready but once they are out of the way we will see.