Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day of Days 2013 Playtest

February is the 10th anniversary of our first FoW comp, although because of the CHCH earthquake it is only our 9th annual comp (2011 was cancelled due to more pressing issues post earthquake). The theme this year is The Relief of Stalingrad as we are currently experiencing the 70th anniversary of this titanic struggle. As with the last couple of events it is going to be doubles comp (2x 1100 pt companies per team).

Player interest has been excellent, we've 9 teams so far and 4 players without partners organised and a couple of more teams yet to confirm so it should be a good weekend.

With that in mind tonight we started play testing ideas. The game was a No Retreat and we had a few special rules to represent the Soviet attack in Operation Uranus. Kent and Nigel couldn't join us so
Dale and I ended up running both companies.

Special Rules:
1. Soviets attack on all tables

2. Blizzard: Visibility 16" and all teams concealed at all times. However, form turn 2 onwards roll to see if the Blizzard ends (add one d6 per players turn till a 6 is rolled)
Snow: All off road movement counts as slow going (difficult ground but no bog check required though)- which really screwed up my T60s movement.

3. Extra Objective: After "rugby scrum" issues this year I think with 2 players per team many missions need an extra objective. We tried it out tonight and it worked well as it seemed Dale had ton cover both sides of the table- our idea is that objectives must be 18" apart. Defender places, then the attacker places 2 and the defender can then move one of the attackers objectives up to 6".

Dale ended up winning comfortably though it was a bit of a training run too as Dale is not really familiar with 3E yet. Of course leaving my armoured car platoon at home didn't really help our cause much.  

Dales winter aufklaurung + stugs deploy. My Mixed tankovy are in the top left corner (I am running cossacks, Ian will be running the Mixed Tankovy). Nigel is running a motorised panzer grenadier force.

From another angle- the cossacks are in the top right corner. 
 T34s and KVs close in on one objective, just as the blizzard lifts.
 The cossacks advance past the wrecks of 2x T60s.
 KVs prepare to crush the Germans under their tracks.
 The paks 38s wait nervously.
 Oops, after several rounds of fighting three bogged and bailed KVs are captured.
 The survivor pushes the Germans back and almost winds the game but the pak commander unpins and manages to contest- the KV then falls to several volleys of stug shots.
A fun game if a few to many troops for to of us to play, there were supposed to be 4 of us. Next week I want to test out a few ideas for a Fighting Withdrawal.


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  1. Cool write up, Cossacks ftw!
    Ahem, I had better train up on my cossack jargon.