Wednesday, December 12, 2012

FoW- Surrounded

We playtested another mission tonight- surrounded. Only rule change was that each attacking company needed to be deployed in one zone. The Soviets ended up attacking. Again the snow counted as slow going.

I ran the same cossacks and Mixed tankovy as last game. Dale couldn't make it so Kent quickly made up a panzer company.

The cossacks deploy in the foreground, the mixed tankovy at the top of screen.
 Turn 1 the Soviets advance...
 Now that is a seriously cool action shot!
 Pak 38s line up the  T34s and T60s.
 When they hit you on 2s you don't tend to last long but being fearless the survivors hang around. 
 But the KVs kill 2x stug Fs and the third runs- first blood to the Soviets.
 A lucky panzer IV F2 shot drills a KV supporting the cossacks.
 But the other KV platoon kill a panzer III and the other panzers are both bogged or bailed so leg it too.
 Meanwhile there is only 1x T34 left.
 Kent and Nigel looking a bit worried.
 The KVs close on the objective.
 And drive back the panzer grenadiers.
 But the following turn the grenadiers fight back, aided by the remaining 2x panzer IVs and the KVs are knocked out- breaking the mixed tankovy as the last T34 and final 2x T60s also flee.
A good fun, and entertaining game. The mission worked well and we will use it for Day of Days to represent either the final attempt to link up or else as the final destruction of the 6th panzer army.


  1. Good report. That snow terrain works very well.

  2. Yes, I'm really happy with the way it looks.Alas it totally screws up my T60s though (half tracked = 4" movement).

    I'm toying with allowing wide tracks tanks to move their full normal move in the snow as it is in terrain such as this that the wide tracks were so useful- it may upset the German players though


  3. Excellent looking game Craig. The shot of the cossacks is amazing!!!

    1. Cheers Rodger, I was pleased with that one.

      More terrain building required tomorrow...


    2. Great looking game. A winter table at its finest.

    3. Thanks Engel- yes, its coming along nicely