Friday, January 13, 2012

Warlord Game Plastic Russians

 I decided to order some of the new plastic Warlord Games Russian Grenadiers to compare them with the Front Rank. You get 28 grenadiers + 4 command figures, which means out of each box I'll get 2 battalions but will need to add a 2nd (Front Rank) command stand- not a problem. The figures look well proportioned and detailed so should paint up well. I like the fact that you only need to add a  suitable head and the backpack to the figures so they won't be too fiddly to put together. As its raining today (typical for the last day of my holidays) I will get a stand or two painted up. They also include a set of flags which will be a welcome addition.

 Some Comparisons: The WG are slightly slimmer and taller than the Front rank but the two ranges should still go well together on the table top. 


The main reason I bought the Warlord Games Russians was actually not for the Russians. I really wanted to get some of the new Army Painter Meadow Flowers to add a bit more colour to the bases (Kent has been using the stuff and I have been very impressed!). My basing philosophy is to keep it simple but tied together- there are plenty of people out there with better painted figures and better bases but to my mind even an average-good base lifts the overall look of the figures and poor basing (ye old ancients/historics 1970s era lime green with or without flock bases anyone?) detracts from even well painted figures (if that makes sense).

My only disappointment with the Army Painter Meadow Flowers is the fact that each pack is so small, I used 2/3 of a pack on 5 battalions of infantry and one of cavalry (and am using them sparingly).

Alas as its raining today the photos aren't that great but hopefully you get the idea- just enough colour to make the bases interesting (I'm not sure if I'll continue using the Silfor grasses in future- but they are better value for money given the amount of Meadow grasses in the Army Painter packs). 

The photos are of some of my recently rebased Front Rank Russian Grenadiers.



  1. I too bought the meadow flowers! But I did it before Kent put up pics of his.

    But now I feel like a shameless copy cat!

  2. thanks for this review i have been eye balling these at the local shop for a while

  3. If you feel there are too few "bushels" in the meadow flowers, take a look at Mininatur or Silflor. All three are the same but these two are far better value for money. Especially the Mininatur big boxes (the codes that do NOT end with an "S").