Friday, January 13, 2012

Day of Days- Ironman challenge

2012 the year of the panzerspah?

I've been giving Jamie's Ironman challenge some more thought and think I'll make 2012  the year of the panzerspah and German mechanised forces in general.

The first comp I'll be attending will be our own Day of Days which is Mid War doubles  themed on the Italian campaign in 1943. Not sure if I will be  playing though- at this stage I am going to fill in as reserve (as well as organiser) so may not get to try the force out in anger.

I've come up with an Italian panzerspah to kick things off with. The comp is 1200 ps per player with only 1x divisional support choice allowed per player. The whole force is based round fielding one rarely seen unit (as is so often the case in my forces)- in this case the uber-cool 233 armoured car!

  • 1x 250/1        35
Combat Platoons
  • HT AC Patrol (3x 250) 120pts
  • HT AC Patrol (3x250) 120pts
  • Heavy AC patrol (2x 231) 85pts
Weapons Platoons
  • Heavy AC platoon (3x 233- 7.5cm) 170
  • Panzerpioneer platoon-armoured (4x 251/7) 250
  • Gepanzer Infantry gun platoon (2x 75mm IGs) 70
Divisional Support
  • 2x Stug G (+ schtzen) 350
A few possbile tweaks: pak 38s rather than infantry guns &/or armoured aufklarung rather than panzerpioneers. The main reason for the pioneers is that I need to buy 7x 250 half tracks for the aufklarung version.
Ian is looking at backing it with more mechanised firepower:
Armoured Panzer Grenadiers (Italy)
  • HQ (2x 251/1)- 2x P/K        80
  • 7x Armoured PGs + P/K-     235
  • 7x Armoured PGs + P/K-    235
  • 3x pak 38s-             120
  • 2x Grille-             190
  • 2x Stug G + schutzen-        350
  • Total:                 1190
 3x 233 heavy armorued cars and 2x grilles! What's not to like?

1500 pt version
The thing I like about this force is that I can easily upscale the panzerspah to a 1500 pt version for Southcon by:
  • dropping the infantry guns (-70) and adding:
  • a batttery of nebelwerfers (115pts)
  • 3x pak 40s + half tracks (260)
The whole reason for this force is to run the 233 armoured cars, the models for which I love but rarely see fielded. I ran a similar aufklarung a few years back and enjoyed it but that verision is in panzer grey and is snow themed for the Eastern Front so need something a bit more tropical.

 Late War  Options
Late War I'll look at a puma company or a lynx company.

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