Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Panzers Ahoy!

Over the past few months I've slowly be repainting my Dunkelgelb German stuff using Vallejo  Midstone as the base. I've a game of FoW tomorrow night as we playtest missions for Day of Days so thought I'd take the opportunity to update my panzer IIL/M/N force- as well as the 250/1s & 250/9s that will make the core of my aufklarung force.
  The two panzers on the end were done last year for the Worlds and have a black wash, the ones I did last night had a  Devlen mud wash so are a bit browner looking.



I also made these 3x road sections for the club using the last piece of cork I had lying round. 

 Hedges for TAG- WIP
In the past hour I've done these- 18 lengths hedges (10x 20cm, 8x 15cm long).
The bases are made from 3mm MDF. I glued a 1cm x 7mm high strip of balsa along the middle  of the MDF then built up banks using some plaster. While the plaster was still wet I dipped it in my sand mix. Then a few minutes later the whole thing was covered in watered down pva and put outside to dry. In the next hour or so I'll undercoat them black.


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  1. Nice work on the terrain Craig. Armour looks great too.