Friday, January 6, 2012

Napoleonics rebasing continues

My rebasing mission continues. Last night I rebased four more battalions of Russian infantry on the 5cm square bases, and finished the bases today. I've three more battalions to go. I've also changed the colours I use on the Russian uniforms. I still use the base of Vallejo Black-Green but highlight with Deep Green to give a richer/ brighter green shade and all battalions have been highlighted/dryrsushed with this colour.

I've also been working on some more terrain. I picked up a couple of 1:72nd scale Italeria houses last year. Scalewise they'll work well with the 28mm Napoleonics, I've now just to make a base for each of the houses. They were pretty strightforward to paint- a black undercoast then threee shades of light browns using test pots from the local DIY store.

I also picked up these walls at Conquest, locally made in Christchurch by one of the gamers up there. Although designed for 15-20mm scales they'll do for 28mm scales as well.


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  1. The 50mm x 50mm basing looks really good, I think it really suits Napoleonics. The walls are nice too, he's done well on those.