Sunday, November 13, 2011

Update & Next Project

In the past two weeks Ive managed to do absolutely nothing wargame related- a part from play the new Panzer Corps 1939 @ 1940 campaigns- which I really like :)

I was up in Christchruch for the weekend and tried to squeeze in a game of Early War FoW- my French Recon company vs a Panzer Company. Ian and I were trying to get a game in before people turned up this morning but only managed a couple of turns before family commitments put paid to that!

Pity, it was shaping up to be an interesting game.

Next Project
I have finally decided on my next project. Kent isn't too keen to face the Syrians with his Crusaders at present- finding the light horse a bit hard to deal with, however, it took me a number of games to get the hang of them and they are a pretty fragile army! So I've decided my next Impetus army will be a 400 pt Cilicean Armenian force for vs his Crusaders.

It will play similar to the Crusaders and I will be using the lovely Perry Armenian range of the bulk of the troops.

My initial force will be:

1st Command:
4x Armenians Heavy Cavalry
2x Bedouin light horse

2nd Command
4x Heavy foot (Armenians/ Franks)
2x Mercenary (Frankish) Crossbows

3rd Command
4x Heavy Foot (Armenians)
2x Light infantry
2x Archers

So that should keep me out of trouble for a while.

This week though, Kent and I hope to get in a game of Lasalle.


  1. Impetvs? I've heard that's a fun game, I'll have to make time for it at some stage.

    Have you heard about the firm doing Teutonic Knights as plastics? Crusader armies for everyone!


  2. No i hadn't. It Sounds promising, who are they?


  3. Hi Craig,

    Fireforge games. There is a Warseer thread on them here:

    They've gone with the full ornamental helmets but apparantly there will be almost enough in the box to give more normal helmets and the rest could be acheived with a knife.