Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Basing (again)

I've rebased my Syrian Cavalry over the past few days as I've decided to "standardise" my system:

Heavy Cav: 3-4 figs (typically 4 if they will fit)
Med Cav: 3 figs
Light Cav: 2 figs

Heavy foot: 6 (or 8) figs
Light Foot: 6 figs (loose order- deeper base)
Misssile troops: 4 figs
Skirmishers: 2 figs

I've also all but finished the Ar menian infantry and have 4 stands of Cav to go before hopefully getting a game in next week vs Kent. .

Tonight for something a bit different I painted up 6 Black Tree Design Muslim figures as characters for our D&D game as it is in a desert themed setting- and since I am going to concentrate on Perry's for the Crusades armies I coulfn't see the BTD ones being used as they are a bit big and chunky compared to the Perry's. No pictures tonight, maybe in the next few days.


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