Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Game 5 Roadblock vs British Paras

Bob was another of the guys down from Wellington. We played each other at the Masters last year and had a very enjoyable game. Like Nick he's done pretty well at FoW this year so I was not going to underestimate him or his 4 platoons of Fearless vet British Paras!

  • 3x Para platoons
  • para pioneers
  • 4x para 6 pdrs
  • 2x para mortars
  • 4x para 75mm artillery
  • 3x FV Cromwells

I really liked the Roadblock table, it was inspired by the dykes of Holland. It had a raised road (for the ambush) two lower side roads leading to this and two villages. Plenty of crops and a couple of woods so plenty of cover for both sides.

I knew my fortifications would be next to useless (except maybe the pak nests) as they had to deploy in narrow strip opposite the road. I'd just been discussing with Nick Roadblock and he said he usually put down and infantry platoon to ambush as they start dug in near the road- sounded like a good plan to me! So I ambushed the cromwells, which were escorted by two platoons, with my large FJ platoon (attached shreks & mortars) and left my stugs in my deployment zone!

We were a bit unsure about the ambushcade but decided that I could only ambush the nominated platoon (i.e the cromwells) so my FJ sat in their foxholes and stared at the paras- my initial plan had been to hit a para platoon with my infantry and the cromwells with my shreks. Anyway long story short we figured out afterwards that we had done it wrong and my ambush was not therefor as silly as it appeared- next time I'll do it properly!

The shreks got lucky, killed a cromwell and bailed the others but being vets they got straight back in!

Bob bought on two para platoons so my large FJ platoon was about to be assualted by up to 3 para platoons! The pioneers unleashed a flamethrower but in the assault I only lost 2 more teams and my guys retreated to escape the other para platoons-who then occupied my recently vacated buildings!

At this point Bob double timed the cromwell's round my right flank to take out the nebelwerfers (reinforcemetns on turn 1) and paks but unfortunately or him my marders arrived from reserve and killed another cromwell and baled the their which then fled- lucky really, 8 shots needing 4s, only 2 hits!

With the cromwell's gone I managed to drop artillery on his newly arrived 6 pdrs and kill one or two and snipe another with a stug. I now had the mobility advantage, I just had to stay within 16" of the objectives and try not to get assaulted! Speaking of which the worl's most unlucky assault about to go in.
A skillful flank assualt (under a smoke template from mortars) with 2 piats & TA 3 infantry but misses with all 3 teams so I retreat.

I tried to maximise my firepower- both offensively and in defensive fir but even so Bob kept dropping smoke rounds on my tanks and forcing me to move- he launched several assaults and indeed my infantry and his traded a number of assaults.

Here they come again. My stugs are retreating from the paras but can only go so far as I still need to be within 16" of an objective. The pioneers finally managed to get a successful assualt in, killing a stug and bailing another before I could break off. Then the next round a 75mm artillery battery destroyed another stug and the survivor fled!

Meanwhile my reserve infantry were advancing through the buildings on the other(left) flank towards the para positions- which were on the far side of the raised road and so out of my LoS.

One of the many assaults through the village on the hotly contested right flank. By the end of the game I'd destroyed one of the two platoons along here and the other was down to 3 teams, I was not much better off though!

Slowly however the tables turned in my favour. The pionners and one infantry n my right flank were finally killed. On the left flank my other FJ platoon was still at full strength and managed to assault and destroy the last 6 pdr and the mortars. I even killed the British CO 2-3 times but was unable to roll a 4+ vs his warrior save!

In the end I assaulted the last para platoon and destroyed them and the CO breaking the paras- who were left with 3 infantry teams on table! A hard fought game that was not as clearcut as this report may indicated.

I ended up 5-2 and Poochie also got a 5-2 vs Nick so Poochie and I tied for first equal. They gave it to me as I beat Poochie but as far as I'm concerned it was, and is, 1st equal. Jason Holland was not far behind in 3rd with Nick 4th.

Post Comp Thoughts
Well my run of sneaky success at Conquest continues. It was a fantastic comp and a really enjoyable weekend. Thanks to Poochie for the relaxing BBQ and place to stay- as well as the game. I got to face more of the guys I was hoping to face than I would have liked but this meant I had some very tough, but fun, games.

Were handy but not overpowering I thought. They look tough but can be sniped- as both Nick and Poochie did. The 2+ platoon/ company morale tests were bloody handy and saved my bacon on a few occasions.

The Games
I was a bit lucky to miss some of the forces with heavy assualt guns and massed tanks and the stugs/ marders were able to handle the Allied Mediums (just). I liked the balance in this list and thought the stug fitted the theme nicely but the only change I'd make may be to replace them with panzer IVs (same points) for more MG dice.

Probably the most important thing was that, as I had hoped, I had enough mobility to move around and take the fight to the enemy when needed/ when I could.

I really enjoyed all my games, they typically went to the wire and I was a bit lucky to win a couple of them but I guess you need to ride your luck sometimes. After the smacking I took from Dave in round 1 I was a bit surprised to be able to bounce back- but for me the key in all games is to:
a) avoid giving away VPs and
b) try to take them off opponents and I managed to get a couple of off Dave which were as it turned out very important. It is often late in the game, when things are going down to the wire that you need to husband your forces to minimise losses whilst also trying to pick up the smaller more vulnerable platoons (if you can). As this comp showed that can be the difference between doing well or falling a few places.

Final Remarks
Steve S did a fantastic job of organising things, the tables were fantastic and suited the missions well and the whole weekend went without a hitch.

However, what probably impressed me most was the new batch of FoW players in CHCH, all really nice guys, who took flavourful and interesting lists and all seemed to have a ball. I am just a bit disappointed not to have played any of them but can only see them getting better and better in future.

My next FoW comp is on a month in Wellington-Bunkers and Beaches a Normandy themed event organised by Bede (so Pooch & I refer to it as Bedecon). I was going to take the T&T list but I really liked the look of Bob's British paras so might see what I can create with the paras. We will have to wait and see...




  1. Excellent reports and photos on all these posts Craig. Well done.

  2. Lose more games Craig! The soviets were losing and thus as you moved up the table you missed most of them!
    Otherwise we have to skill up our guys to pick up the slack and beat you fair and square!
    Stephen S

  3. More Soviets? Two was bad enough :)


  4. Well done Craig. Again :P Thanks for bringing that trenchfight too. It may look older but it is great to have such an open table (but still so well balanced) with a different set of challenges in the comp.

    I don't think massed tanks would have given you any more trouble on most of those missions/tables - that FFA one would have been the worst and the only two all-armoured (well I had tankos) armies got to cancel each other out there.

    It was really good to see Conquest get such a response and a shame I couldn't really participate that much but I had fun with what I did and got to be there to see Pooch saying he had it in the game vs you but failing to touch wood! Then the infamous curse of Craig struck. You do have a very good end-game.

    Stephen, your local FOW section did great overall. Now if we can only get some list diversity!

  5. Holy, I am glad I didn't go with 3 King Tiger's in the end, I would have been slaughtered! Panzer Lehr all the way next year!

    Its awesome when these events have close finishes, its why we should ban Cal from them.

    Great write up Craig, I'd rather read these than watch Coronation street!

  6. Against Pooch I never assume the game is won or lost until the last die is rolled- one or the other of us seems to turn the game round by doing something silly and grabbing an improbable victory- however I too thought he well and truly had it in the bag until the last turn or so.

    I especially liked the way you got into some sticky situations then dropped Chris into it and left him to sort it out :) Team play is a good way to allow players with other things to deal with the still get to play and was glad it allowed both you and Chris to participate- pity you guys didn't know sooner so that you could have agreed on which list to use.

    I enjoyed the Comp the most out of any Conquest in a long time and really do see a bright future for FoW in CHCH these days.


  7. I had it all set up for him, all he needed to do was not run down the clock and not ask me any advice on how to play from there :P Stephen then putting him up on the shooting alley vs a Jeff all primed to crush me, scatter salt over my fields and sell my women + children into slavery, probably was a bit rough on Chris - but I didn't know that match-up in advance! Anyway, don't feel any sympathy for him, he deserves it after telling me last time that I only won Conquest because he wasn't playing. Hehehe.

    I think he just continued on my lackadaisical approach anyway because for some inexplicable reason he decided to call a game, that for anyone else would have been a win, a draw (aka loss for both) instead. So we thoroughly enjoyed it without being 'bad husbands'

  8. Not sure what you guys are talking about but it sounds interesting.....