Thursday, December 9, 2010

Legends of the Old West

What a year- from War of the Ring (HoTT version), to 28mm 1066 Britain, Romans and Sassanid Persians, DBA, & Impetus to FoW and now Legends of the Old West! We are definitely suffering from too many rules, not enough time.

Kent has in recent weeks collected ALOT of cowboys as well as The Rules with No Name and GWs Legends of the Old West. I popped over last night to try out one of the rulesets, we decided to go with "Legends" and set up a bank robbery mission.

It was a lot of fun and played fast but I think what it was lacking was beers (well at least I was) as it seems to be a great beer and pretzel game. I've now ordered my own copy of the rules.

We were just trying to sort out the rules but they were pretty straight forward. There were a couple of things we didn't do (pluck IIRC) but we'll add those next time.

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