Monday, December 27, 2010

Afrika Korps Update

I have continued working off and on over the past few days on rebasing and touching up the Afrika Korps.

Here are a few pictures.

Pak 36rs. These are an option for the 90th light division schutzen platoons and give them some long range, hard hitting anti-tank capabilities.

Captured 25 pdrs. These can either be instead of the light infantry guns in the infantry gun platoons or as artillery. I intend to us them as artillery- for a much needed smoke template or is a real pinch as a stop gap anti-tank gun as AT 9 is not to be sneezed at mid war. They also have the option for a panzer II observer tank for 10 pts- which IMO is a real steal!

Bison. These are some of the best looking things in the Afrika Krops lists- unfortunately they tend to be rather underwhelming on the gaming table but I'm hoping that used as a support unit they might occasionally pull their weight! After all its not all about stats and taking the best bang for the buck!

Marder IIIs- Anti-tank 11 with the rechambered Zis 3 gun. These are going to be the workhorses of my anti-tank defence! To field 3, 4, 6 or 8? That is the question!

M14/41 Carri. Italian allies. Ideal for taking on infantry and light guns but with front armour of 3 if anything does so much as sneeze in their direction they will die.

Semovente 75/18: Another anti-tank option I'm considering as they would be handy vs light tanks. Anti-tank 9, front armour 4 and only trained 1 in 6 of the time! Another interesting unit to add to the mix.

Infantry: A schutzen platoon with 2x organic pak 38s and 81mm mortar team, a very handy and robust little unit.



  1. It's getting there

    I'm not 100% happy with the colour of the guns and vehicles- might try another heavier drybrush of Iraqi sand to finish them off and make them a bit lighter in colour.


  2. I think they are probably just painted too well, and you have got used to 28mm! I think 15mm is always more of a challenge and I almost feel that the more cartoony, the better, which is the reverse of what I think works for 28mm. I think they look good in the pics though.

    As to the options.... 8 x those cool At 11 Marders! :)

  3. Cheers Jamie
    I thnk 8 marders is damn nasty! I've ordered a few more so I can do the full 8 but feel that 8 is a bit too many for me- I like 6 as it gives me the option for some carri for flank attacks/anti-infantry duties.

    It really comes down to whether to take 6 of them or 3 and 2 88s (in case some one is crazy enough to take a Soviet heavy company- I know at least one player who would be!)