Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DAK for Wellington

Army lists were due in on Monday and I've managed no play tests with the lists I have been considering so I have pestered Nick, Chris and Dale for their ideas and input.

I decided I wanted to do a DAK force suitable for Alamein and if possible I wanted to include Bison and 88s! 88s aren't too bad, although I've never fielded them in a comp, they are easily countered (artillery and/or smoke) and vulnerable to artillery but do exert a perceived threat that perhaps outweighs their on table performance. However limiting myself to this time frame means that I don't have access to some of the kit that you commonly see fielded (and which I would otherwise probably take- such as Nebelwerfers!)

Bison are included as a bit of a joke choice- overpriced, underwhelming and a points sink (I'd have been better off with 2x 25 pdrs for smoke and possibly some recon- and was very, very tempted by this option) but in the end went with what I wanted in the list rather than what would be more effective on table. I've always wanted to field Bison at a comp but have not one so as the points would be better spent elsewhere- well I still can't justify them but am taking them anyway!

HQ & 2x Infantry platoons
The choice was between regular schutzen (MG teams) or pioneers. They are now similar in points, both platoons can get AT guns as part of the combat platoons (which is very nice!). The main differences being the rate of fire when defending, option to use flamethrowers and (for the schutzen infantry) mortars as part of the platoon. In the end I went with pioneers and a supply wagon, deciding that the tank assualt of 4 would be more likely to keep tanks away. The wire or minefield would also be good for breaking up infantry lines of advance so could be and other handy addition. However I will miss the ability to get a smoke template by kampfgrupping the mortars out.

One platoon has a couple of pak 38s, the other a 2.8cm ATR for additional support.

2x Bison
Slow, overloaded and my only artillery option! However AT 13, FP 1+ (range 16") means that they can pose a threat to the unwary- time will tell if this was a sensible choice. I am already leaning towards, no it wasn't!

3x Marder III
My mobile AT. I was seriously tempted to take 2x platoons of 3 marders (and no 88s) which several people felt was a better choice due to the mobility- and to a certain extent I agree, but the 88s do have a valuable overwatch role to play- as long as they have cover and some long range lines of sight. These guys will have to be used carefully and avoid head to head fights whenever they can.

4x Carri
Last minute revisions made me drop my light tank platoon down to 4 tanks- these guys are to threaten flanks and are destined to be used in an anti-infantry role. Hopefully they aren't "trained" too often. The key will be to use cover and only attack targets of opportunity- not medium tanks!

2x 88s
As mentioned above- probably better off being an extra 3x marders but it will be interesting to see how they fare, especially since I've never fielded them. If they can get reasonable line of sight they could do okay- but I expect them to be smoked most games!

So there you are,a very fragile and different force to what I'd normally take. I lack a third infantry platoon (probably a better choice than the carri) and also any smoke templates- 25 pdrs will be missed. However, it could prove solid in the right circumstances but there will be plenty of things it will struggle against.

So there we have it: 6 platoons, no recon, no smoke, and a lack of infantry! This could be a very, very long competition!

Repainted DAK Infantry
I've spent the past couple of nights touching up and rebasing my DAK infantry as I was unhappy with their basing. The Pioneers are a mix of DAK figures, mid war Pioneers, and a few figures from various other ranges thrown in for good measure.

2.8cm sPzB Anti-tank rifle. AT 7, RoF 3, FP 5+. We'll see if it can catch any half tracks or light tanks by surprise.

Desert Bases
1. I always base my figures before I undercoat and paint them. I undercoat the figures (already superglued onto the base) and then once dry I cover the base in permafilla.

2. Once the figures are finished the base is painted using the local British Paints range of paints. I use test pots which are usually about $5-6 per pot and they last for ages! The base coat is called Wet Sand and this is followed by a dry brush of Mexico Gold and then a final highlight of Ivory.

3. A few scatted clumps of beach sand (from Kakanui near Oamaru) is then added to the base for more texture.

4. A couple of drops of PVA are added and cat litter sprinkled over these.

5. Finally a couple of small clumps of Woodlands Scenics Olive Foliage is added for a contrast.

It's nice and simple yet I am happy with the overall look.

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