Tuesday, December 21, 2010

JR Buildings

Well my order from JR Buildings arrived last week after being held up in customs. My own fault for ordering too much and making worth Customs collecting GST on. I don't really mind paying GST on goods however what I do mind is Customs whacking an additional $40 in bullshit charges for opening my package (which after all is part of their job) on top of the GST. That to me smacks of revenue gathering for the sake of it and really pisses me off. However, I've learned my lesson and in future will stick to ordering 2 smaller packages rather than one larger one.

The buildings themselves are pretty good- a couple arrived slightly damaged but nothing a bit of glue can't fix.

Arnhem Rowhouse

4 stories tall so really looks imposing- it has a single interior level, but would be easy enough to add more. As you can see it would fit a number of medium FoW bases inside it.

The interior.

Two rowhouses and a ruined rowhouse. The ruler gives you an idea of length. I am considering buying another two compete ones and a second ruin to finish off my city.

Monte Cassino Ruin
Now this is impressive. As you can see it is big (approximately 40cm x30cm).

Hartstein Hotel- ruined version. This will be perfect for our Day of Days weekend.

One of the other ruins

I've also purchased a half dozen of the smaller ruined buildings to bulk out the city.


  1. Hope to start them tonight, I've a few DAK infantry to repaint first though


  2. They look awesome, Craig - just the thing for DoD :)

  3. Exactly!

    Do you know if Stephen ended up ordering any?


  4. They make some nice buildings, but are very wallet emptying, I like the Arnham Rowhouse, that should look awsome once it's painted. I don't envy you in that task!! Good Luck!

  5. True enough Ray- and usually they are even worse to get to NZ- between the shipping and the traditionally ow NZ Peso, but at present they are almost worth it- with the free shipping world wide and our reasonably strong dollar strong vs the US.

    I painted the Cassino and Hartstein Hotel tonight so hope to get some pictures up tomorrow.

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