Friday, October 1, 2010

Modular Sewers

My resin arrived yesterday and so I just had to try it out on the modular sewers I'm working on- as well as create a pool for regular dungeoneering.

The dungeon tile- I'll create a couple more. Now I am inspied to0 make sepcific modules for different encounters/dungeon rooms and really go to town with these things!

The Sewers

This is a connection point/drain for four sewers.

The sewer blocks are only 1 block high so they are easier to store/ take to our gaming sessions

The sunlight reflects off the surface so you can't see the depth. Each is about 3-5mm deep. I coloured the resin dark green with some paint and also added some woodlands scenic grass to the mix- which looks like weeds, and also a few drops of brown ink wash. It gives a nice effect.

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