Friday, October 1, 2010

FoW Preparation

Poochie is coming down for a game tomorrow, to test out some of his US armour ideas for Conquest. Hopefully Daleinski will be able to join us.

I have prepared two tables for him which hopefully reflect the terrain the US faced in Normandy and during the breakout.

Table 1 is a typical Normandy bocage table. Not good tank country but fun to game on nevertheless. The white sheet half way down on the left is my army list and a possible force I am looking at taking- FJ supported by jagdpanthers (which I have never fielded!)

Table 2 is inspired by Alsace-Lorraine and an engagement where the US caught and surrounded one of the panzer brigades that had holed up for the night in a village. The US forces were in the surrounding hills and helpful villagers warned them that the panzers had entered town. The next morning the US forces ambushed and destroyed the panzers.

I intend to try out a Hell's Highway, 6th Fallschrimjager Regiment force- built around Fearless Vet stugs and jagdpanthers!


HQ: 40
1x Panzershrek
3x Stummelwerfers 75

10x FJ + P/F 260
10x FJ + P/F 260
3x Pak 40 180

2x jagdpanthers 470
4x FJ Stugs 435



  1. Criag,only the 3rd FJ Div get StuGs in HH,but you should be able to get nearly the same force from FE2,but you might have to take PaK38s to get the points to work.

  2. Cheers for that LES, back to the drawing board-assume in the reports that they are SS jagdpanzer IVs (which I will use in future)


  3. As you can only take 1 mobile A/T unit in HH,which would you use?Also do you think taking VDH just so they aren't allies is a good thing?Or would you swap and use FE2,just to get 2 mobile A/T units?