Saturday, September 11, 2010

Work in Progress

I've been messing round making a small building for my Rohan forces.

This is very much a test to see how it works out- next time I think I'll make it slightly larger. I'm not sure about adding a yard as the footprint may get to big for transporting- I am considering a separate terrain piece for the yard. I am still getting used to the size of 28mm buildings, compared to 15mm (my usual scale) they are huge!

It's not very big- 5" x 4". Next time I think I'll make it about 8" long, and probably also add a lean too/woodshed propped up against the side of the main house.

The thatched roof is an experiment using an old bath towel. My advice ask for permission before commandeering and chopping up bath towels! This is an old lemon one so the colour is fine for thatch. I intend to dry brush it with some brighter yellows and think it should give a reasonable look for straw or thatch. To make it more "thatch like" I'd suggest cutting the towelling into strips and overlaying it, but for the initial prototype I couldn't be arsed!

[I stole this idea from my friend Ian who using towelling for his 28mm buildings].

I do think that towelling is a better material to work with than teddy bear fur that needs a lot of water down PVA applied before it looks right.


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