Saturday, September 11, 2010

Linka moulds

My Linka moulds turned up in this morning's post so it looks like I'll be able to start my next project. I intend to make a 4ft square city fight table for Flames of War. I've some big homemade ruins I made a few years ago which are adequate but I want to make something a bit more impressive.

My idea is to have 4x modular boards, each 2 ft square. The base board will be made out of polystyrene. I intend to make cobblestone roads out of some floor vinyl we have lying around as it has a nice herring bone pattern on the back. I'll glue the vinyl to the polystyrene. I will then cut the built up areas out of 3mm MDF and lay that over the top of the polystyrene- leaving gaps for the roads. I'll cut out a space for each building and then each house or building will have its own base and will simply slot into its position on the base board.

In theory it should work, it will be the practicalities that will be a pain!

Anyway here are the linka moulds or making a brick city- a FoW base for comparison.

They are a bit fiddlier than the Hirst Arts ones as they are much shallower.

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