Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Modular Dungeon

My experiments with modular dungeons for Dungeons and Dragons continues. I hit upon the idea of using real grout to fill in the gaps between the blocks on the field stone blocks but wasn't hppy with the end result. I have since decided n a new method but yet to see it finished. Once the walls are glued together I intend to paint them with PVA glue which should fix most of the holes. Then I'll use the same simple painting scheme (which stands out more).
  • black undercoat
  • dark grey
  • light grey drybrush
While in Christchurch I picked up some casting plaster, its not as good as Ultracal 30 but at only 20% of the price ($18 vs $100) it will do. The main issue is it has a tendency to have the odd small bubble on the mould, but some experimenting and it seems if you pour a wet pour (very runny plaster) this is very negligible. I'm happy enough with the results that I will continue to use this stuff.

I experimented using some roofing silicon as water on my sewer system but was not happy with the result. Luckily the silicon peel straight off so didn't destroy the piece. have discovered a company called Norski that makes resins for crafts and so have ordered some clear resin to cast water- now that will be an experiment. it should be here in the next few days.

I managed to buy a lot of LoTR Goblins on impulse yesterday and will (at some pont) make a Moria army out of them- I might try out the new Kings of War rules with Finn and see if he likes them.

A few pictures of the modular dungeon.

As you can see for stability I decided to go with a double thickness wall. The lighter grey sections are the grouted wall. Also, I decided to only go two rows of blocks high so it is easier to see what is going on. this is especially important so that Nigel, who is in a wheelchair, can see the action without too much hassle. It seems a reasonable compromise.



  1. It looks good ! I am looking into getting some wall moulds myself so its great to be able to read someone else's experiments first.


  2. Even a complete newbie like me can make decent looking terrain for a minimum of fuss!

    If only they also made 15mm ranges- I think scaled down the fieldstone would be perfect for FoW scale buildlings


  3. I like those field stone sections a lot, Craig. Now you just need some curved sections too... ;)

    Actually, you know what? Curved fieldstone would be perfect for Dark Ages stuff.

    I reworked the lot you sold me and should have a slightly bigger ruin ready to post up soon as an example for WOTR terrain. I quite like the effect of the blocks, it just needed to be able to accmmodate full sized infantry trays. A painted version will have to wait until after Thursday though.

  4. Look forward to seeing it.

    I think a layer of PVA before painting to act as grout might be more effective than actual grout.

    No curved blocks yet :(