Friday, March 26, 2010

Terrain- Winter Trees

And the winter versions.

I will probably add some snow to the bases though.

Again simply an MDF base cut out with a jigswa and some permafiller added for texture. Then covered in beach sand and painted dark brown then highlighted with a light brown. Trees, Woodlands scenics clump foliage and a few sticks from trees in the garden to represent fallen logs.

The forest base is simply some dark green felt cut to an irregular shape and then heavily dry brushed with a dark brown followed by white paint.- simple but does the job.

The stug hides quite nicely in the shadows



  1. Perhaps some white on the bases to represent snow there also. Just looks a little out of place with snow on the trees but not on the ground.

  2. Good call- they were based on 3 trees on a small base which was snow covered, so will get the snow done!

    I guess in the meantime it could represent early morning frost- which tends not to lie as heavily (not at all in this case) under trees