Sunday, March 28, 2010

Terrain- Desert Rock Outcroppings

Once the nationals are out of the way I think it will be time for some desert action. Today I decided to try a little experiment in making rocky outcroppings for my desert forces.

  1. As usual I used a 3mm MDF base.
  2. I placed some large pine barkchips from the woodpile and glued them into position.
  3. Next step was to cover the base in permafilla and waited for it to dry. At this point I also covered the bark in watered down PVA- this shrinks as it dries so provides a seal for the bark and prevents it from chipping or flaking when handled (without this step the bark needs an occasional touch up as it tends to get damaged easily).
  4. I then undercoated the entire base a light tan colour (a colour called Mesa left over from some recent renovations).
  5. Once that was dry I covered the entire base in PVA and sprinkled the base with beach sand.
  6. Once that was dry I highlighted with a lighter yellowy-tan (called Casa from the local paint shop).
I really want to make some scatter terrain wadi's so that infantry have a chance to hide and avoid being run over by tanks. That might be my next project.

Updated 29th March
A photo taken on a sunny day- looks much more deserty in sunlight!

I think I might try the same technique to make wadis



  1. Those are some nice looking infantry guns! I need to paint some up for the desert :)

    This is the first I've seen of your blog, care to exchange blog roll links?

  2. These rocky outcrops look great! Is the bark straight off logs easier to use than polysterene?