Wednesday, March 10, 2010

FoW- Hasty Attack

Kent and I had a game of FoW using the new Hasty Attack mission as a playtest for my MW Razvedki for NATCON.

I ran the following:

  • 5x M3A1s
  • 9x Bren Carriers
  • 3x BA 64s (2x ATRs)
  • 9x T70s
  • 4x Zis 3
  • 3x SU 85s
  • Limted Cobras (Yaks)

Kent ran:
  • 3x Grenadier platoons
  • HMGs
  • 3x pak 38s
  • 2x 75mm Infanry guns
  • 4x 105 battery
  • 2x Sdkfz105 AA
  • Priority Stukas

He ambushed with the pak 38s but I avoided them by being out of range, the Luftwaffe roared in and killed the commander of the SU 85s but the company commander later appointed a new commander. The next turn the Luftwaffe sniped the T70s commander leaving them stranded until the 2iC came along and appointed a repalcement.

I stretched Kent on both flanks, with the T70s chewing through an infantry platoon and eventually routing the 105s. He lost two 105s early thanks to a lucky hit at long range from an SU 85s and an airstrike.

I managed to avoid his pak 38s until my reserves came on and then ganged up on one (I like no H&C), and the Red Airforce MGed the remaining 2 once they moved to try and get a better shot at my SUs and carriers. After than the mobility of the Razvedki started to tell and my vehicles moved to parry German counter attacks- he nearly stole an objective to win the game with his 2x AA half tracks!

In the end the Razvedki killed 4 platoons and broke his company- one Razvedki platoon was gutted after failing to assault and then taking 7 losses the next round to HMG and infantry fire, but apart from that hiccup it was one way traffic the last few turns.

6-1 to razvedki

The razvedki can pack a punch and the only change I’ll make to the NATCON force is to get rid of the carriers—as I found in the past I prefer the M3 Scouts cars better armour and 50 cals.

Deployment- the objecitves being the SU 122 in the right foreground and an ammo dump jsut beyond the farmhouse- hmm, that looks like Kent's new Le Haye Sainte farm building to me.

Air Cobras launch an airstrike- okay, technically they are Yaks.

So much for the T70 commander

The carriers arrive

Yet another airstrike comes in...

The Yak has just wiped out 2 pak 38s by attacking them from behind their gunsheild!

Time to move in for the kill.

The SU 122 is the objective. Once again the luftwaffe tries to save the day. Armroued cars lft GtG and the M3s go to work to the infantry- takes 2-3 turns but they are quickly cut down to size.

Chicken- Soviet style. The 2iC stares down 2x AA half tracks-which simply blow him off the battlefield. By forgetting about him I managed to prevent the half tracks racing towards the objective and my T70s were able to swing back to cover the threat. One half track managed to take the objective but was MGed off it the next turn- alas by this stage the batteries had died.


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