Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fow NATCON Update

The past week or two I've been busy thinking about forces for NATCON which is in Wellington at Easter. Chris and I will be going to represent SMG (Southern Miniature Gamers, or is that maniac gamers?*)

* SMG is a little known wargaming group that won the National Intercub Challenge at Valleycon in Wellington last year. Cal was supposed to be joining us as we try to defend our title but it seems he won't be able to make it. Actually SMG is based on the principles that it has no members and is a loosely aligned group of non committed gamers that refuse to join more structured clubs- that's our story and we are sticking to it.

Anyway, I've far too many forces and narrowing things own has been a pain- I could take my old faithful Guards Strelkovy, or Fallschrimjager- both forces which can withstand a lot of punishment but still win games (and have won comps) but where would the challenge be in that? In the end I decided to run with the Razvedki. I was temtped to take cossacks but they require a bit more care to pack (the Cavalry bases require a lot more room and since I'll be flying space is an issue). I took a Razvedki list to Tempest in Christchurch last year and won, despite Razvedki being overcosted and suffering from hens and chicks. Now they are cheaper and have no hens and chicks on their combat platoons I'm likely to get run over!

I've almost settled on a list so have been repainting things or touching up damaged vehicles.

This is the list I am looking at although was also considering Valentines, SU 122s and heavy mortars as the support options. It's light and fragile but hopefully will do okay.

1 T70s + SU 85s
HQ + Kom 35
5x M3A1s 230
5x M3A1s 230
3x BA 64s (2x ATRs) 75

9x T 70s 325
4x Zis 3 (AT Guns) + Trucks 175
3x SU 85s 300
Limited Cobras 130

The Army assembled.

The command stands and M3A1 Scout cars

2x Razvedki platoons- a mixture of the LW Razvedki and MW scout models.

AT defence- Zis 3s and SU 85s. Not sure on the latter I prefer SU 122s but thought I might need some long range AT support. The role of both will be to fight from range and target artilelry and AT guns first and foremost.

T70s- recently reduced to rate of fire 1 (about time) they are now not such good value for points but even so I alays find them sueful. THey have enough armour to be able to deal with light AT guns and their wide tracks means I don't mind crashing them into woods etc. Being guards means they should be able to survive a few turns, they just don't do much vs any armour!

Recon- BA 64s i find really sueful to lift Gone to ground. And with all my scout cars armed with 50 cals should make it easier to dig out infantry and gun teams. Air support is proovided by 144th scale Yaks that a friend picked up in Japan.

This is what we want to see T70s and Razwedki platoons swarming forward!

And the nearly made its- 16x Valentines (well, I was only going to take 9-10 of them). They were repainted last week as well.

Now all I need is to get a few more playtest games under my belt.


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