Monday, February 22, 2010

Fow Cossacks

Here is part of my Cossack force. The cossacks are one of the more enjoyable forces for FoW that I field. Have yet to start using them under their revised lists, but enjoyed the MW Cossacks despite the limitations of their old organisational structure (pre East Front), now I am really looking forward to trying the Mid War version out soon.

This is the Late War force I organised for Day of Days for a mate but he can no longer make it. I hope to get a game vs Kent in tonight using them though).

The only downside with them is you need mounted and dismounted versions of most units, which makes taking them to comp is a real pain in the butt, if travelling.

The 1200 pt Day of Days list is:

HQ- incl commissar 35
4x Mounted Sappers 90
9x Mounted Cossacks 195
13x Dismounted Cossacks 235
3x HMGs (Dismounted Cossacks) 75
3x Mounted Scouts 110
4x Zis 2 185
3x SU 152 275


Commanders- mounted and dismounted.

4x Pioneers- again mounted and dismounted.

Mounted Cossacks, again with the dismoutned opion behind them.

Dismounted Cossacks- with 3x attached HMGs for extra support

4x Zis 2 AT Guns

3x Scouts- mounted and dismounted. These guys will play a pivotal role with their infiltrate ability.

Not sure how but the SUs managed to avoid the photo shoot.


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