Saturday, February 20, 2010

Days of Days 2010- Update

I have the first four tables set up for next weekend's day of Days FoW Firestorm Bagration Campaign weekend.

There will be 7 tables in total including three specialised tables:

Not One Step Back
Breakthrough Assault
River Assault

Here are the tables so far:

1) The Road to Minsk

Heavily wooded hills, narrow valleys.

2) River Assault

A river, minefields, barbed wire, bunkers! Using the River Assault Mission from the Firestorm Campaign book.

3) Festung Plaza

For if we need a city fight for a Not One Step Back game.

4) Breakthrough Assault

From Stalin's Onslaught: We've used this one quite a bit at South Island Comps in the past year and it has made for some very close games.

I've one more table to make- rolling hills, wheatfields and farms- more tank friendly but still some cover for infantry.

Dale and Kent will be supplying the last couple of tables.

Should be a good weekend, I'm looking forward to it.



  1. look great as always, looking forward to a hard weekend of bloodshed.
    Cheers Kent

  2. Hey Craig - great Blog - just wanted to let you know I've put your feed up on the Auckland Wargaming Club Website at - Cheers, John.

  3. Cheers John

    Looking forward to it Kent- it will be a blast!