Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day of Days: Bagration Update

I have finished 7x bases of Welsh warbands (except for shields) but have run out of spears.

It is only a week and a bit until the Fire Storm Bagration Campaign weekend we are running here so have put 28mm Dark Ages on hold and am tidying up my Germans. Have finished off a few tanks (jagdpanthers, panzerjagers and Grilles) as well as 3x ISU 152s for the Soviets.

Made 2x HMG bunkers out of kebab sticks tonight (Germans will be defending in a Trench Fight in the first round) and probably should make more fortifications in the next few days.

Have been a bit indecisive and tossing up between grenadiers, panzer grenadiers, SS motorised panzer grenadiers, a panzer IV company, a tiger/panther kampfgruppe- too many damn armies in 15mm to choose from.

However, one vehicle that I never run has determined the force I take- Grilles. Have tried to field them a couple of times before but points wise (and on table performance) there are much better ways to spend the points- like 3x panzerwerfers with extra crews for instance. But the grilles will be there so it looks like some sort of motorised panzer grenadier company for me.


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