Sunday, May 8, 2022

KoW: Slyvan Kin

 I am enjoying getting to grips with the ogre army for Kings of War but have had a small project sitting in the background for some time and when motivated whch is not very often I'm afraid to say these days, I've been chipping away at it. 

My aim it to create a small Slyvan kin force. I faced the Sylvan kin a few weeks back in a game against Gordon and was pretty impressed with them so that has inpsired me to get some work done on this little project. 

The figures are mainly GW. I've made one regiment using the rangers and two regiments from wood (?) elves that I've had lying around for years.

The tree herder/wiltfather is from the D&D Nolzur's line (Treant).

I've a horde of Mantic Forest Shamblers as well.

And today I am rebasing some Footsore Goths, which are great sculpts, and will be used as the Stormwind Cavalry. 

I will use some Riders of Rohan as the Windborne cavalry troop. 

And finally, Silver Breeze Cavalry. Again using the very versatile GW Riders of Rohan. I've come to detest the horses in this particular range but the riders are nice and this range of figures has been press ganged into wide range of armies over the years.

So all I need is to finish the basing once the permafill I use for texture is dry. I'll add a few of my D&D figures as the characters- wizards and various heroes- and we are good to go. 


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