Saturday, April 30, 2022

More KoW

I've been budy with real life etc but have done the odd bit of gaming related stuff.

One thing that I ahve recntly done is a bit of work on my siegebreakers. 

These are the main change. I painted these GW metal minotaurs up in 1999 and they have hardly been used since but ahve added them to my ogre army as a third horde of siegebreakers. they are painted using different colours and techniques and don't fit exactly with my other sigebreakers but don't want to repaint them...

So I have drybrsuehd lighter brown tones on my plastic siegebreakers so they are a bit lighter in colour, not quite the same but closer than they did look a few days ago. 

Altohuhg i've not done much on the modelling front I ahve managed ot ahve a few games and I have started to do video reports which I upload onto on my youtbe channel

The lastest reports are: 



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