Saturday, May 14, 2022

More Elves

 Operation pointy ears continues, with a few more elven reinforcements rolling off the production line.

A few yars ago I picked up some GW Galadhrim warriors off Ebay and they came with 4 of the Galadheim knights. I painted the infantry up a about 18 months ago as the start of a small elven contingent for Dragon Rampant but moved on to other things. I've decided to use them for Kings of War now instead. 

These figures are my favourite elven sculpts on the market- I'm not a fan of some of the stylistic choices Peter Jackson made in the movies but do like the way he portrayed elven weapons and armour.

The 4x Galdhrim knights have been painted up and based as a troop of Windborne Cavalry for Kings of War but have made them on two smaller bases to use on Dragon Rampant and other skirmish type games too.

These are probably my favourite LoTR cavalry sculpts and I am keen to get a couple more boxes of them to use as heavier cavalry- Stormwind or Silverbreeze as required. 

And the first unit of elven warriors- basing to be finished. I've based them up to  use as Seaguard for Kings of War.  I've enough figures to make a second regiment of these but they can be combined to make a horde if necessary. 

I've ordered another box or two of these guys to also be abe to add a horde of Palace Guard and also some archer and spearmen units.  

Next up will be some Drakon Riders- a horde and a couple of drakon riding heroes. 


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